I'm Melvin Raj. I am a writer and a gamer.

This site is the hub for all the writings I publish. You can find all my writings, journeys, stories, essays, book notes, movie opinions, and much more.

You can start by reading a few of my essays and sharing thoughts on the pandemic that we were in.

I am interested in learning new topics and dissecting information - from new tech to productivity.

It fascinates me how few people are so creative. How some of them can create an entire book from one tiny idea and how we as readers don't lose focus on what story they tell.

So, that pretty much covers it. You can find it pretty basic but for me, it is all I want to talk and write about. I can imagine a million things, but I can only write about these things in a more digestible way.

Hopefully, you want to read more from me and keep yourself posted about my writings. If so, join the subscriber list.

I won’t spam you with all the shit-postings but I promise to keep you entertained or educated or at least not post a completely boring piece of writing.

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